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About Tong Xin
Tong Xin Chinese School is an organization that we provide education and creative learning opportunities that thrive for academic excellence and Chinese culture heritage in Plano and the greater North Dallas community. The school is founded by two Chinese educators, Betty Liu and Wendy Hwang. Both founders had passion and love to educate youth and dream to prosper the Chinese culture and language. In fall of 2002, they achieved their dream by brining a new Chinese School to Plano. Betty and Wendy named this school 'Tong Xin', which directly translated in "One heart, all together". The founders believed that with our dedication and passion to educate our next generation, we can creative one of the kind, high quality learning environment for all of our children. Today, Tong Xin has grown with over 300 students and 55 faculty and staff. With this growth and the new opportunities ahead of us, we are proud to deliver our community quality education and announce achievements from our students. Last but not least, Tong Xin committed to build life long relation with our community by developing new and creative learning opportunities to the neighborhood. We believe education is the key to raise overall quality of living. We look forward for new partnerships and collaborations with the local corporations and organizations to achieve this goal.
Our Story
Our Founders, Betty Liu, envisioned a learning center that would create unique learning opportunities and advancement programs for the Plano and surrounding communities. In the fall of 2002, that vision became a reality when they opened the doors to the Tong Xin Learning Resource Center. The origin of this unique name derives from the Chinese language meaning "togetherness in one heart." This name holds great meaning to our organization and staff. We are devoted to providing the best education for all our students and helping them achieve success through every step of the learning process.
Our Mission
Tong Xin Learning Resource Center is dedicated to provide quality learning programs and mentorship to help students succeed and reach their learning potential. We are committed to building life long relationships with the community by providing new and creative learning opportunities.