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We provide Kindergarten after-school and summer programs for children ages 4 and 5. Our primary learning objectives are to stimulate and enrich the child's knowledge through language, logic, individual development, and hands-on learning. Children at Tong Xin enjoy daily classes including phonics, music, art, mathematics, field activities, and Chinese.
Elementary School
At the elementary level, Tong Xin provides academic enhancement and advancement curriculums with after school and summer programs. The curriculum focuses on math, language, reading and writing, homework tutorials, and the Chinese language for 1st through 5th grade students. In addition to academic development, students also enjoy gymnastics, crafts, music, and art classes taught by certified teachers.
Middle School

Offered only during the summer, our Middle School Enhancement Program consist of language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, as well as our Chinese Language Enrichment Program. To ensure our students are reaching their learning potential, every student's learning progress is measured by pre-screening and periodic assessments.

In addition, we have developed an SAT and SAT II course designed for students in the 7th grade and above. Unlike other programs, our teachers are trained to work with small groups of students. This close interaction, coupled with an emphasis on problem solving skills and language enhancement, has proven to raise test scores. Recently, the Plano Independent School District added Chinese as part of their foreign language curriculum. To complement the recent addition, the Tong Xin Learning Resource Center has developed a Chinese Language Enhancement Program on Sunday afternoons which further exploration and development of this language. This unique program was created to teach our students the Chinese language and culture through pinyin and conversation. These classes are offered to students from age 5 to 15. In continuation of language learning, Tong Xin also offers SAT II classes, in Chinese to our older age groups (7th graders and above), as well as, providing weekly listening and writing assessments. This class advances students' language skill when they pursue a college degree in foreign language and Asian studies.

Higher Education
We understand that learning and growth should not stop at the high school level. At Tong Xin, we offer summer internship programs for college students who are interested in working with children and education. This internship allows them to participate and learn in an unique environment which is an invaluable learning resource for these future teachers and administrators.
Adult Education
In the Fall of 2004, Tong Xin launched a unique component to its language program: Beginning Chinese for the Business Professionals. This is a beginner Chinese course concentrated in conversation, culture, and basic literacy. The goal of this program is to "learn and use", which enables business professionals to master conversational Chinese in a short time period. This class will allow business professionals to communicate and travel in China and Taiwan. It also provides many new perspectives about the way of doing business in the Chinese culture.